Ethical Direct Supply Programme

Utilise the power of our Blockchain technology to disrupt the traditional supply chain and be at the forefront of a truly innovative way to bring value for your product to our buyers.

A strength of Blockchain is provenance, i.e. helping to easily ascertain the origin of products purchased and the ingredients and components of those products. A Blockchain-based Ethical Direct Supply Programme can help ethical and sustainable suppliers reach buyers in the hospitality market that want to adopt these procurement policies. By associating themselves with an ethical product and supplier, a buyer can significantly improve its reputation, increasing customer loyalty and attract new customers.


Use the Blockchain to track products end-to-end.

Ethically Sourced Certification

A registered and identifiable certificate for products to prove the journey and credentials, empowering parties along the supply chain with data they can trust.


Receive guidance and training sessions to help you understand and utilize the Blockchain to its fullest potential.